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The Workplace Environment Metric – San Diego

The Workplace Environment Metric (WEM) captures how valued, respected, and supported employees feel. It explores microaggressions, sexual harassment, relationships with supervisors, and treatment based on gender.

Scores of 95-100 (green) indicate that gender equity is being well-served. Scores between 80 and 94 (yellow) call on leadership to increase their efforts to address gender equity barriers. Anything at 79 and below (red) warns that lower levels of gender equity exist.

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Employee satisfaction with workplace environment varies widely depending on industry and sector in San Diego. There is significant disparity between demographic groups associated with their job levels.

For example, Latinas overall report less upward mobility than Black women or white women. However, 15% report this experience in the government sector for the Technology industry versus 45% in the private sector.

Perception of discrimination, as well as progress, is skewed. Black men report the lowest access to the pipeline but they in fact only occupy fewer executive positions than white and East Asian men. The lowest pipeline access is given to Native American women.

Workplace Environment

Workplace Environment Insights

Gender discrimination may be impacting employer retention levels
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Gender discrimination may severely impact employer retention levels. Quantifying data about employee experience is as critical as numbers to understanding the real gender equity levels in San Diego’s workplaces. Reliance on anecdotal or subjective evidence benefits the wrong parties and dilutes the efforts of mission advocates.

Workplace Environment Principles

The Kim Center recommends the following principles for equitable Workplace Environment. If your most recent GenderLEAP Assessment indicated that a principle is being embraced, you'll see a green check next to it. If your Assessment indicated challenges with a principle, you'll see a red X. Click on each principle to learn more about its role in achieving gender equity so you can affect the most change.

Gender Equity PrinciplePrinciple Met
Employees are objectively evaluated and valued for their work regardless of gender.
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